Discover our catering on location. We stand for high quality and service at every event throughout the country.

We offer a wide range with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.

Be surprised and contact us. Then we will discuss the possibilities of how we can arrange the catering for you.

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Record your best moments at the event. The company (internationally) show how successful the fair was in a few minutes by a composite aftermovie or atmospheric images. Not unimportant and yet the photographers are often forgotten! Look back at your event and book a specialized professional SOLEP events photographer.

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Give the guests the service they remember. Rely on the hospitality team!
We at SOLEP know how important it is to have good people in the front line. We are, of course, talking about the ladies and gentlemen who are the first point of contact for your organisation.

In addition to a positive customer experience, good hospitality ensures more job satisfaction for employees. A tight handling of phone calls, hospitable reception of guests, efficient guest administration and sincere friendliness. These are all things that ensure that employees can rely on the involvement of the hospitality team. As a result, employees have a better focus on their own core tasks and can work more efficiently.

Are you curious about the opportunities for your organization in the field of hospitality? We are happy to help you!

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Security is a way to reduce risks, make them manageable and increase safety. Ensuring that your event runs smoothly and successfully. We work together with a professional security company that has specialised in event security, stand security and personal security for many years. Tell us more about the event so we can advise you on safety.

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